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The Trustees have a policy to maintain the capital value of the assets of the Trust, in order to best serve the long-term needs of their community.  

The Guidelines for distribution of the interest, dividends and rental income were discussed by the Settlor, Sir William Leech with the Trustees and were eventually written down.

They were, by their very nature, broadly based so as to leave the Trustees the opportunity to react to the great changes that he foresaw and to enable them to meet the basic criterion of helping the people of the North East of England to help other people in the community.   Grants are made at the discretion of the Trustees, with an emphasis on those who are voluntarily helping others.

The following is an extract from the original guidelines, laid down by Sir William Leech: "...I would avoid clubs, etc who recieve substantial grants or donations from local counc ils or the Government. I do not regard them as charities, because they are subsidised. ...It is not my intention to subsidise social services even if grants by the Government or Council have been reduced. It is my intention to do what the Social Services do not support or do.   I would fully support the independant boys' and girls' clubs, YMCA, YWCA, Scouts, Guides, (Boys' Brigade) and Christian Youth clubs and Christian Teaching Colleges..."  

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