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As it is the Intention of the Trustees to favour support for those charities who help others by utilising the generous time and skills of volunteers, they accept applications in the short form of a letter, rather than expecting the completion of a complicated application form, which may seem daunting to some applicants. 

 In order to safe-guard our Charity Status, it is important that we are accountable for how funds are distributed. As such, the following protocols exist for making and investigating applications.

Please note we only accept applications from Registered Charities, and the Registered Charity Address must be included in the application process.  

For Large grants and multiple grants, trustees would like to see as much supporting information as possible, and in rare cases, they may wish to interview the applicant.  

Your applications must include :-  

1. A Description of the project that the Charity is undertaking, who it hopes to help, and any evidence which will support the need for this particular project.  

2. How much the project will cost, capital and revenue, with an indication of the amounts involved. 

 3. How much the charity has raised so far, and where it expects to find the balance.  

4. The type of support sought; i.e. small grant, multiple grant, loan, etc.  

5. How much does it cost to run the charity each year, including how much of the revenue is spent on salaries and employees.

Where does the revenue come from? How many paid workers are there, how many volunteers are there.  

For details of how to Apply to the Lady Leech fund, please click here

Low Priority Application

Applications maybe submitted via this form by filling in the details required and clicking the EMail Button, o  maybe submitted by letter.

Proposed grant up to £1000 or loan up to £10000

Applications for this amount must be submitted in writing to our Saville Chambers address. To aid the application process, you may simply fill in the Form below. Clicking the Print button will then Print off a letter in the correct format for submission. This letter must be printed on your letterhead. The letter must be signed.   One or more of the Trustees will contact you to enquire about your application.  

Please ensure you provide proof of your Registered Charity status in the application.   Please ensure you have a printer installed on your computer before selecting this option.  

For Amounts £5000+, trustees would require to see audited accounts  

Amounts over £10000, you may follow the same process as above for the letter. Your application must be accompanied by relevant supporting documentation.  

Please ensure you provide proof of your Registered Charity status in the application. 

 For applications of this level, full papers will be circulated to the Trustees to be discussed and approved  


Postal Applications should be addressed to:  

Mrs Kathleen Smith, The William Leech Charity,Saville Chambers,

5 North St. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. NE1 8DF  


Helping you to make an Application   Please ensure the address used is the Registered Address of your charity. If your charity has a letterhead, printing the letter onto this will aid the application.


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